The subscription economy has been alive and well for many years now as companies strive to grow a base of monthly subscribers and increase their value.

You can get a subscription for anything from shavers to vegetables to television, and in many cases it makes sense to pay a small fee per month rather than buying individual items.  Netflix and Spotify are wonderful examples where the monthly fee is more cost-effective than buying each show, movie or song individually.

The problem is that sometimes, the thing a company wants you to subscribe to isn’t used enough to gain value from a monthly subscription.  If you are using something once every 4 or 5 months, it starts to make less sense.

This can most certainly be true of online survey platforms.

Whilst most online survey platforms come in the form of a monthly subscription, the reality is that most people only need to run a survey every now and then.  Certainly not monthly, which means the majority of the time your credit card is being charged without any value being received.

Don’t get us started on the complicated subscription options that are usually on offer, which hold many features back unless you pay for the top-tier option.  Frustrating for sure.

Tandem offers Pay-As-You-Survey

If you only do a few surveys a year, Tandem Surveys is the choice for you.  With us, you only need to pay for the surveys you launch.   Data is retained for 90 days, which means you have plenty of time to launch a survey and understand the results.  And if you want to keep the survey results to compare later surveys, you can pay a very small monthly fee to keep the data retained in your account.  Still way more cost effective than a full monthly subscription.

What this means is that you can sign up for an account and evaluate all of the features without having to commit to a subscription.

If you haven’t already, sign up for an account and check Tandem out for yourself.